Ufcw 8 contract pdf

May 8, — In a groundbreaking development, Bernie Sanders campaign workers — now proud UFCW Local union members — ratified the first collective bargaining agreement by a presidential campaign. As a member of the bargaining committee for the Bernie staff union, I could not be more proud of what we collectively accomplished. Even political work must be subject to minimum standards. I congratulate our members on the Bernie Sanders campaign for making their own revolution.

Working long hours is not unusual in the hectic campaign environment, and all too often employees are disincentivized from taking time off even when they need it. To address this challenge, the collective bargaining agreement establishes a clear but flexible workweek, as well as days off each month where the employee is not on call. It provides breaks throughout the day, including meal breaks, as well as mandatory time off between particularly long shifts.

The negotiated agreement also doubled paid vacation time from 10 to 20 days per year. The contract sets clearly defined wages and benefits along with the opportunity for employees to earn performance raises. Field organizers, who will eventually constitute the vast majority of campaign staff, will have percent of their health care premiums paid for by the campaign. All hourly employees are entitled to overtime pay.

ufcw 8 contract pdf

In addition to health insurance, the contract provides broad coverage for mental health care services. Pay transparency provisions and a pay equity review process are also established for employees who feel they are being unfairly underpaid.

The first-of-its-kind agreement also includes robust anti-discrimination provisions as well as comprehensive protections for immigrant and transgender workers.

And it establishes employee-led Labor Committees to address ongoing working conditions and other issues with management. All of this was made possible due to the adoption of fair labor practices by the Bernie campaign. On February 26th, the campaign agreed to remain neutral in the organizing campaign and to recognize Local if a majority of workers signed union cards. This milestone was reached on March 15th, making it the first presidential campaign staff in history to unionize.

Contract negotiations commenced shortly afterward, led by a committee of staff from the campaign. Negotiations were productive and the collective bargaining agreement was ratified on May 2nd by a majority vote of union employees. I urge every other campaign to follow their lead. John Marzabadi, who works on the advance team and served on the bargaining committee, echoed the call for other campaigns to organize.

In my view, the most worker-friendly campaign in the race ought to walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

ufcw 8 contract pdf

Our contract sets the standard for others to not only follow, but to expand upon and I encourage fellow campaign workers to organize and collectively bargain for their rights. The United Food and Commercial Workers Local represents 35, members working in the retail food, health care, retail department store, food processing, service and other industries in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.

Search for:.As union members, we are all responsible for advocating respect and justice on the job and making sure we stick up for each other. In addition to being union members, some of us choose to take a more active role, as stewards, in our workplaces.

Union stewards step up, either by election or appointment, to enforce our contract and to make sure our coworkers know their rights. We accompany other workers at disciplinary and represent union issues as equals with management. Good stewards are the backbone of an effective union. We reach out to new members and help educate them on their rights.

We serve as a bridge between elected union leadership and workers on the job. We listen to our co-workers and provide a confidential way for members to bring forward their ideas and concerns. All union members have a right to have their steward present with them during meetings that they feel might be disciplinary. Inin NLRB v. Weingarten, Inc, the U. Supreme Court upheld the rights of employees to have union representation during investigatory interviews.

If you are called into a closed meeting with your manager and you start to feel nervous that things may take a disciplinary turn, you have the right to stop the meeting and request the meeting be resumed when your union steward is present.

Stewards Handbooks.Meetings, discussions, and survey results may be used by the union to find out what issues are important to the workers. After a majority of voting employees approve their contract language it then goes into effect. There are many things that can and do get negotiated into contracts; they are tailored for each industry, shop, factory, store, etc. It is extremely important to remember that while looking at union contracts for other workplaces can give you some idea of what is possible, your contract will NOT necessarily have those provisions.

Most contracts are about pages long, yet fairly easy to understand. They usually last between 3 and 5 years. Below is a list of what is usually included in a union contract:. What follows varies from contract to contract. These are the areas in which employees need to prioritize what they would like to bargain for in a contract.

It is unlikely in a first contract that all of these provisions would be covered. The process of renegotiating contracts every few years, however, is intended to build upon what employees have and make the contract even better.

Again, remember that while looking at other contracts can provide some information, what you negotiate for in your contract depends on what is important to employees in your workplace. Phone Numbers Local Offices — Heartland — Consolidated Pension — Meat Division Pension — toll-free Scholarship winners can be Local members or children of members. Visit www.

Local Offices - Below is a list of what is usually included in a union contract: Union Shop: A provision stating that all employees contribute to the cost of servicing the membership, enforcing the contract and bargaining for better benefits. No Discrimination Policy: Employers cannot discriminate against employees because of union membership, age, creed, color, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, etc.

Seniority: Seniority is intended to reward people who have put the most time into their job. Seniority is used to determine in what order employees are laid off in the event of a lay-off, in what order employees are called upon to work holidays, etc.

It is often used to determine who gets promotions, but there are usually job classification systems that ensure that people must have a certain level of knowledge to fill a certain position. Grievance Procedure: One of the most important parts to the contract, grievances provide a way for conflicts between management and employees to be fairly resolved.

If an employee feels he or she has been wronged and cannot resolve it with management, a union representative will meet with management to try to resolve the matter.

ufcw 8 contract pdf

If that fails, another attempt is made with upper management. If that fails, a neutral arbitrator is called in to decide the issue; their word is binding.In order to access your account information you must first register and create a username and password unique to you.

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The Retiree edition includes detailed information about managing mental health and how to access mental health services available to Retirees.

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Box Glossary of Medical Terms. Note Login to the email account that you have provided to find the validation message from ufcwsupport brmsonline. If the email is not in your inbox, please look in your Spam or Junk folders. Click the Validate Email link. All rights reserved.The online database will be updated, regularly, as new UFCW contracts are negotiated.

ufcw 8 contract pdf

Staff may access entire contracts or specific provisions and language through the site's indexing and search features. While an online help tutorial is included on the site, the UFCW National Bargaining Department will be conducting training workshops so locals can become familiar with the site's accessing and researching procedures. For any questions about the contract information provided or how to access that information, please contact the National Bargaining Department at ext.

This site also includes Suggested Contract Language. This collection attempts to compile the most pro-union language for certain selected contract provisions. In an attempt to improve the language, the UFCW Legal Department merged, reorganized and shortened the best clauses and omitted weaker clauses.

The department also redrafted the provisions using plainer English to make them less legalistic and more readily understandable to members, stewards and representatives. The department thanks those attorneys who responded and hopes they will continue to suggest improvements, additions or deletions based on their experience.

Union Contracts

This collection may be most useful for locals proposing first contracts or renegotiating existing provisions when locals determine they have a chance of improving the language. We encourage locals to pick and choose those sections of provisions most applicable or useful, and to change language so it best helps locals represent their members.

The UFCW Legal Department requests locals to forward suggestions on improving these provisions or adding new provisions. There is a feedback form one you have logged into the site. This site is restricted to use by staff of certain UFCW affiliates only. Except by authorized users and for UFCW purposes only, no part of the materials available in the UFCW Contracts Database may be copied, downloaded, stored in a retrieval system, further transmitted or otherwise reproduced, stored, disseminated, transferred or used, in any form or by any means.

This site requires that JavaScript is enabled in order to function properly. Username: Password: remember me on this computer Login register as a new user I forgot my password. Enter your username or email address.

Home Contents Search Results Favorites.The contract also includes a unique approach to health care that will give members the opportunity to save money on their medical expenses. Once established, members will have the option of receiving free medical care at designated clinics. The whole plant will benefit from the new contract. Those are the things we live for. Health and money, in that order. In addition to these gains, the new contract maintains double time pay for work on Sundays and holidays, and time and one-half pay for work on a sixth day in a single week and for all hours worked over eight in a day.

This is the second contract members have ratified since voting to join the union in Members from UFCW Locals 75 and from Ohio traveled to the Capitol in Columbus last week to speak with legislators about passing laws that will make life better for workers and the communities they live in.

We see too many working people in Ohio who are struggling to pay rent and put food on the table. From SB-5, which would have curbed collective bargaining rights for public workers to the possibility of a right to work law, members in Ohio were aware how important it is to lobby. Nothing speaks louder than a face-to-face interaction.

People need to be involved and informed. I challenged the legislators I spoke with to try to live on minimum wage to help further their understanding of how inadequately low it is.

We have to be here to make sure those decisions benefit us. As the day came to a close, UFCW members were looking forward to going home and sharing their lobbying experience with coworkers.

Being here made me realize how much legislators affect our lives. If they hear from workers it will make it more likely that the laws they pass will work for us. Posts Tagged: Wage Increase. Displaying 2 of 34 Total Records. Please leave this field blank:.

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New Website Application Form Translations.One of the benefits of union membership is being able to negotiate with your employer on equal footing.

The one-year contract covers about workers in nine stores in the South Bend area. The new contract helps to create a more secure future for Kroger workers and their families through regular, guaranteed wage increases. The agreement also protects pensions and quality, affordable health care, and includes contract language improvements. Local workers at Kroger celebrate their newly ratified contract.

The three-year contract covers 70 sales professionals and office clericals at three stores in Manchester, Orange and Stamford. The new contract, which marks the third agreement for the workers, gave zero concessions and includes wage increases and a zero percent increase on employee health and welfare costs. The office clerical staff will receive an 8 percent raise over the three-year life of the contract, with the first 3 percent retroactive to July 15, The new agreement also includes improved scheduling and seniority rights, especially when it comes to the distribution of overtime and much desired reduction on the amount of time workers can lose out on their earned commission when a customer returns a purchase.

UFCW members celebrate wage and benefit wins December 5, December 5, UFCW members celebrate wage and benefit wins.

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