Mobile legends magic chess guide

Unlike other game modes in ML, you play on your own rather than with a team and pair up with 5 other random players. Everyone will start with hit points that equal your health pool. You start off with 2 coins, the in-game currency that allows you to purchase units or level up.

The game is round-based; before every round, you have preparation time to buy units, place them and upgrade your level to place more units onto the battlefield. The first one is leveling up the capacity. This happens automatically after a couple of rounds since you gain experience after each round. However, you can accelerate the process by purchasing experience with coins.

mobile legends magic chess guide

While you start with 2 units, you can upgrade the capacity up to 9. Having numbers advantage over your enemies can be a huge game-changer.

You can also upgrade the level of your units.

mobile legends magic chess guide

By purchasing the same unit thrice, that unit will become a tier 2 unit. In order to reach the maximum level 3you need 9 basic units or 3 of the level 2 units.

Every round cerita lucah 16 tahun you a certain amount of gold, depending on whether you succeeded in defending or not. So being economical early usually pays off. The shop will refresh every round unless you manually lock it.

Chess-TD returns to Mobile Legends: Complete guide

Similarly, you can also manually refresh the shop at the cost of 2 coins. Level 3 units definitely provide great stats, but additional units do as well. So manage your income wisely and outsmart your opponents. After large changes to the Hero pool some Factions were replaced, newly created or adjusted. Most synergies grant stronger enhancements to the more units you collect. With all the new Heroes and synergies we will have to do some testing to see which compositions feel most powerful.

Heroes have different attack range, similar to ML. Marksmen and Mages possess comparatively high range, whereas Fighters, Tanks and Assassin can only influence small areas.Jika kamu belum pernah memainkan Megic Chess ini, mungkin akan sedikit kebingungan dalam mengatur strategi karna ada banyak sinergi hero yang harus kamu pahami.

Nah untuk kamu yang terbilang pemula, pilihan kamu sangat tepat membaca artikel ini. Kali ini Gamedaim akan membagikan combo sinergi hero yang dapat kamu pakai waktu bermain Magic Chess dan EZ push rank.

Berikut combonya, simak terus ya! Sedangkan 4 Abyss akan membuat musuh kehilangan physical defense hingga 35 poin. Combo ini lebih berfokus pada regenerasi HP sehingg membuat hero kamu sangat tebal dan bar-bar.

Kombinasi kali ini lebih fokus pada pengisian mana tiap hero, hero Empire juga mengurangi mana lawan. Selain itu pada awal battle seluruh hero Northen Vala akan memiliki mana penuh dan langsung bisa mengeluarkan skill.

Combo ini sangat mematikan dimana Assassin akan mambuat demage sangat sakit dan hero Scarlet Shadow akan mengaktifkan skill khususnya. Combo ini sangat berfokus pada demage. Combo ini juga merupakan combo OP, dimana Dragon Altar akan menyumbang attack speed dan shield jika ada temannya yang terbunuh.

Di tambah lagi 4 summoner yang akan memanggil 2 Scared beast sebagai teman dan membuat pasukan kamu lebih bayak. Untuk hero Scarlet Shadow ada Hayabusa dan Hanabi. Kamu juga dapat menambah 1 hero Support. Di tambah dengan kehadiran 2 Abyss yan tentunya membuat demagenya jadi sangat sakit karna physical defense lawan berkurang. Combo ini juga di perkuat dengan hadirnya hero Scarlet ditambah untuk ulti Hanabi dan hayabusa. Kamu juga dapat menambahkan Support untuk menambah status pasukan mu.

Eits jangan kira hanya bermodalkan 2 combo tidak menghasilkan combo OP. Combo ini memang hanya terdiri dari 2 sinergi Wrestler dan Celestial. Tapi 2 sinergi ini tidak boleh kamu sepelekan.

Karna sinergi hero Wrestler akan memberikan stun pada basic attack. Nama Pengguna atau Alamat Email. Don't have an account?

Magic Chess Bang Bang: Beginner's guide

To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Mode malam Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time.Even though Magic Chess comes as a new game mode, it actually has its fair share of similarities with Chess-TD. While the generic game-design is different, synergies, items and playstyle will definitely remind you of the ladder.

Read — Complete guide to Chess-TD. As an Auto Battler game, Magic Chess is all about strategy. You face 7 other players over the course of several rounds on a chesslike battlefield. Instead of fighting yourself, you buy, equip and line up units that constitute Mobile Legends Heroes. Apart from different types of synergies, you have to delegate the random items you gain while also taking care of the specific position of each Hero on the battlefield.

In the end, you have to eliminate the other competing players by reducing the Health Points of the commander to 0. Similar to Chess-TD, you gain a 2-star unit by combining 3 of the same units.

Combining a total of 9 1-star units or 3 2-star units will upgrade the respective Hero to the maximum 3-star unit. In order to place your units on the battlefield, you have to buy additional experience for your commander to level up.

Even though you gain 1 point of experience after each round, at a certain point you want to invest into the experience to gain more synergies and combat power. For each level of your commander, you get one bonus spot on the chessfield, up to 9. However, you can get even more spots with the help of the Fate Box. The main way of purchasing units is from the Shop. As of now, a total of 4 Commanders are available to play.

Each of them has 3 unique abilities of which you can equip one for battle.

Magic Chess Bang Bang: Beginner’s guide

Their abilities, while not providing a significant power bonus, do give you a small edge in-game. Each Commander has a different way of manipulating the battlefield. Remy, for example, allows you to gain additional gold whereas Eva can boost the stats of deployed units.

By economizing early on you can gain up to 4 additional gold per round from interest 2 coins for 10 gold, 4 for Also, both winning and losing streaks will reward you with bonus gold. You can also always sell units you do not need to regain some additional coins. Furthermore, the Eruditio synergy will provide some extra gold per round as well. While some of those might look familiar, the synergy bonuses in Magic Chess mostly differ from Chess-TD. Currently, there is a total of 10 different Role synergies available, complemented by 12 Factions.Account Options Sign in.

Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Auto Chess Mobile Lite is currently the most popular legion heroes games in Auto Chess Mobile: Hero Legends the lite mode is a custom map of the popular games for free, it has now overcome the original game.

MAGIC CHESS: The Ultimate Beginner Guide | Tips & Tricks

It is popular thanks to the creative strategy gameplay, which puts players in high thinking situations. To win the Auto Chess Mobile game, the players also need a bit of luck in controlling familiar legion heroes as in Animals World. Thanks to the presence of Auto Chess Mobile Lite, popular games suddenly became attractive again despite facing a period of decline.

Let's play fun popular games for free and lead the legion hero legends. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. See more. Auto Chess War. Phoenix Mobile. Single-Player Auto Chess. Auto Chess Legends: Tactical Teamfight. Auto teamfight across tactics chessboards using idle heroes as your game pieces. Royal Heroes: Auto Royal Chess. Elite Games Ltd. This is Royal Heroes. Welcome to your kingdom, and good luck. You'll need it. Auto Chess. Dragonest Game.

Original Mobile Auto Chess. Arena of Evolution: Red Tides. Original World Auto-chess. Play Magic Maze 3d runner Best Labyrinth popular games for free no wifi. Play Onet animal games free offline.But is it really a spinoff or more of a ripoff? Players will choose and buy champions in a random hero pool every turn, enhance them by matching different combinations, merging them to get higher tier pieces, and equipping them with items to boost their stats.

Eight players will compete in a one on one match of defending and invading between player chess boards. The last one standing wins. There are various gameplays to be discovered, and players can create their own lineup. Champions can be upgraded: You can upgrade the same champions into a higher tier one. In the game, all the players will share one hero pool, so picking the right champions will be a strategic element in the game.

Players around the world will be in one server: you can join and compete against players around the world as everyone will be in the same server. A fair real-time strategy game: Auto chess is real-time strategy game.

There is no hero training or paying for stats. We want to make it clear that we are still figuring out if this is an official Auto Chess spinoff from Moonton. The only thing that links the two is the champions. Stay tuned as we will be updating this page as we receive more information! Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Recover your password. Thursday, April 16, About Us Contact Us.

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LGD and Esportsplay Gaming partners up to build esports team and…. INT to be announced this month in PH! Autochess Invitational is over. Jinsoo of South Korea won the championship! Now Corp. Tencent and Qualcomm collaborate to develop mobile gaming hardware and software. Top new mobile games released for February you need to…. Light of Thel basic beginners guide plus the features that will….With all your passion for playing Magic Chess: Bang Bang, you hands are not supposed to be limited on a tiny screen of your phone.

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We care not only how you play, but also the whole process of enjoying the happiness of gaming. Enjoy playing on big screen. Magic Chess: Bang Bang is a real-time strategy auto chess game with a magical style. In the game, each hero will be transformed into a chess. Players will choose and buy chess in the random hero pool every turn. They can enhance the team by matching different combinations, merging and upgrading the chess.

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mobile legends magic chess guide

As the best Android emulator for gaming, MEmu offers you the best gaming experience for Wormate. How to play Among us on PC with keyboard mouse. Originally created as a party game, we recommend playing with friends at a LAN party or online.Hello there everyone it's me Salieri and today I will teach everyone how to play Magic Chess and for this one I will cover many important tips and tricks. Go to your settings which is a gear icon in-game or main menu and tap "Gameplay Settings" and after that turn Off the "Auto-Deploy" Heroes.

After the first round which is where you get an item from the jungles monster, sell all unnecessary hero for the main synergy you will be using. Do not deploy the hero and let yourself take the damage until "Fate Box" phase because "Fate Box" allow people that have the lowest HP to pick first and your aim is to get the core items like Blade of Despair, Haas Claws, Berserker Fury and etc. If you have a feeling you won't get any same hero after rerolling for about or more times STOP and do not keep doing it because you will waste your coins instead just save it for the next round.

If you stuck with 19 coins it's alright because at the end of every rounds the system will award you with 1 coin with that at the end of round your interest will round up to If you reroll and found yourself in a situation where you don't have enough gold but there's the hero you want and buying that hero will make your coins become below 20, DO NOT lock the hero instead wait until the end of round and at the screen where the system calculate your coins in that round, QUICKLY buy that hero because at that screen you don't have to worry to have less interest in that round.

100% WIN Magic Chess Strategy GUIDE - Mobile Legends

Do not ever upgrade the commander manually in early game unless it only cost 2 coins and less than 8 coins in mid game. If the game reach late then upgrade it manually because you need to finish your synergy that you want even if the last hero only have 1 star.

Do not ever miss click others hero beside the current one you have because it will mess up the RNG for your next reroll. Just keep on rerolling until you get the same hero you currently have because now the RNG will focus on the hero you have too.

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Ichimokuren AtuaCult Author. Play chess with me :eyes:. I intentionally lose the first 3 player rounds :joy:. That's why I always lose. Featured post Oneshot: Unbending Will. Featured post yes.

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