Hob filter water level

Then ranked them based on the benefits noted above. The Fluval has some features we love. For example, instead of the standard 3-stage filtration Mechanical, Biological, chemicalThe C-4 provides 5-stages for optimal filtration to remove any unwanted debris, waste, ammonia, and everything else.

The C-series is available in size for all aquariums and a step up from the first AquaClear line of filters by Hagen, which Fluval also owns. Also, this filter requires very little maintenance. Its design has an excellent reputation that is backed up by its efficiency, durability, and overall quality.

The C-Series offers a few cool features like maximum filtration and some additional features and upgrades over the AquaClear filters. Made in Italy, the Seachem filter is excellent for your freshwater or saltwater tanks for a few reasons. The filter has many adjustable features like being able to decide whether you want to pull water-primarily from the intake tube or the surface skimmer or even both.

Add to this that the flow can easily be adjusted by only moving a dial. You might have the perfect filter for any tank. Another option not found on many other filters is the option to have your heater clip right on to the side of this filter using built-in heater clips. This will ensure that your tank temperature is always perfect as the warmer water is pulled up the intake tube then evenly distributed through the filter and into the tank.

The gallon model is perfect for the average aquarist and can be used on tanks up to 55 gallons as it will move approximately gallons per hour and uses a maximum of 6 watts. At the same time, the media capacity holds 1.

One problem I have with the filter is the media canister, while it can hold a lot of media; it is a separate piece that is filled with media and can be removed. While this is great for maintenance, it provides the water with a way to by-pass the filter media completely.

So while you may have more media than most other HOB filters, I question how much water is being moved through the filter media. Crystal clear water and healthy fish are a hallmark of this Marineland Penguin Power Filter.

hob filter water level

The high gallons per hour, efficient filtration, and dual Bio-wheels combine to make this one of the best filters on the market. This filter takes the filtration to another level. Its five-stage filtration adds another mechanical and biological filter in the mix for extra clean and clear aquarium water. The unit is self-priming, so its plug and play operation makes it easier to install.

The filter comes with a cartridge change indicator that makes it easier to maintain. The flow rate of the filter is also an impressive gph. The filter is suitable for a gallon tank. If the pump is submersed the right way, the filter is very quiet. The filter is quiet and gentle but has enough flow to move enough water for most tank sizes. This filter has an adjustable flow so you can adjust the strength of the flow for your specific tank needs, which is why it can be used for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

The capacity for the filter media is also one of the best in class. One issue with this filter is the material it is made with. The plastics appear to be somewhat brittle and likely to break easily if impacted or dropped.

That said, the price of this filter is below average, so I guess you get what you pay for. Overall the Penn Plax is an excellent filter for a saltwater tank, and it comes with a lot of features that make it worth the price, even though you may need to replace it every few years.

With its adjustable flow rate and ample media space for sponges and beneficial bacteria, this would be a suitable filter for any saltwater tank. So why would anyone want to have a sizeable bulky filter in plain sight hanging off the back of their aquariums?

Regardless of this one disadvantage, HOB filters are still an excellent choice for a superior filtration system. Cleaning your hob filter is simple and listed the general steps below.By lupegirl8, May 3, in Habitats and Equipment. So I got a Whisper EX70 for my 40 gallon breeder. Looked to be a great filter until I realized that the tank has to be almost completely full to reach the "minimum water line".

I was under the impression that as long as the end of the intake tube was under water it would be ok, but apparently that is not the case. Anyone know of a reliable hang on back filter that would work for a 40 gallon tank and has a lower minimum water level? The closer in design to the EX70 the better. I have this one and I have the water several inches below what you are calling the minimum fill line. I think that's just an older version of the one I have.

I believe the problem is the water level is supposed to be as high as the impeller on the filter. Also the pump just isn't strong enough to pull the water all the way up the tube if the water level is too low basically I would need a HOB with another pump near the bottom of the tube.

Looks like if I want to lower the water level I may have to go with 2 Whisper 40is or a canister. Other than canisters this is all I can find. The motor is like a canister so it should handle low water. That is the inherit problem of HOB filters, with low water conditions they don't self prime.

I had a number of Aquaclear filters burnout after power failures occured while I was not home or asleep. I have never seen a filter with a minimum water level line to be honest, I am not doubting you, I just find this interesting. Yeah I haven't either. The directions on all the other filters I've had just said "try to keep the water level a few inches above the intake so it doesn't take in air". I think I'm gonna do some research on this filter maybe actually read the directions more carefully haha and see if there's a way to get around the minimum water level by priming for instance.

Also sounds like you could get any other HOB and extend the intake with PVC and have no problem, just not with this one. It is the head differential, they are designed to function in a full tank not to lift the water up any real distance and when you factor that in you are not getting the GPH they state. I stopped using them many years ago. They are okay for fish but with turtles you have to change the media too often.

Their bio capacity is minimal at best because of the lack of media no matter what the company says. I use HOB filters exclusively, and the water level is critical. And when the power goes out, they don't self-prime.Choosing an aquarium filter can be difficult at times. We understand the struggle of navigating through all of this, and wondering what to take into consideration and what to ignore.

We have also selected some of our favorites for you to pick from too. A hang on back HOB filter is a type of filter for your aquarium that hangs on the back wall of your tank. They are classified as simple external filters. However, they are usually not as bulky as canister filters and can be used in a wider range of tanks. All the mechanisms, filtering materials and the pump are stored in an enclosed case. They are sometimes referred to as backpack filters, and now you can see where that name comes from.

The filtration technique that we described in the example above is used in the majority of HOB Filters and is also known as the waterfall method. Some have the option to regulate the flow of water, this is ideal for people that find the sound of water pouring into the tank very irritating. Ultimately, easy maintenance and operation is why they continue to be very popular in the world of fishkeeping. If you are new to fishkeeping it can be tricky to work out what equipment you need, let alone decide which type of filter to get.

The Penn Plax Cascade filter series is great for aquariums from 5 to gallons, providing crystal clear water for fresh and saltwater aquariums. Check On Amazon. Flow rate varies depending on the model you choose, ranging from 20 to gallons of water per hour.

The model number you choose indicates the flow rate. For example, the cascade 20 filters 20 gallons of water per hour. Each model has a four stage filtration system and provides all your biological, chemical and mechanical filtration needs. It has a self-leveling case which keeps the filter level in almost all aquariums.

It also has an adjustable flow rate and intake tube which allows you to create the perfect system for your setup. This hang on back filter is self-priming and will start up automatically after cleaning or power shortages.

This filter has more stages of filtration than most, with four stages mechanical, biological, chemical and a specialty filter pad. Filter media cartridges are really simple and easy to replace, and contain more activated carbon than other brands. This filter is also known as one of the quietest on the market. The internal pump has been designed to reduce the amount of noise, eliminate leaks and also self-start after being cleaned.

Coming in four different sizes, there is a filter to suit most tank sizes from 10 gallons all the way up to 75 gallon tanks.

hob filter water level

This easy to use filter delivers all three stage of filtration that you need and come complete with filter cartridges. This power filter is really simple to setup. All you need to do it connect the parts, prime it with water and hang it on the back of your tank. It has an adjustable water flow which allows you to create the perfect current to suit the fish you are keeping. It also had an adjustable intake tube for improved water circulation. The model of filter lets you know the flow rate which you can expect, for example the Penguin has a flow rate of GPH.

It uses timestrip technology and a patented carbon filter carrier, to bring you a simple and easy to maintain filter. The timestrips lets you know when the carbon filter needs to be changed. There is an access door on the top of the filter which allows you to changes the filter cartridges, and it also has a submerged motor which needs less maintenance than others.

This filter is available in four different sizes, each one appropriate for a different sized tank. The model number lets you know the maximum size tank this filter is ideal for, for example the EX20 is ideal for tanks up to 20 gallons.It's just an overflow to make sure that the water doesn't fall out of the back of the HOB filter.

It's actually a priority, because with out it, you'd lose most of your tank! How old is that filter? It looks like a rusty bronze color. You may want to invest in a new one assuming you can get one. I have a few of HOB filters. If the water is coming out where the intake tube is, the media could be clogged with gunk. I'd try swishing the filter media in a bucket with some of the water from the tank. It looks kind of brown to me.

It's not supposed to backflow over the intake tube like that. When it does that, it means that you need to either change the filter pad, or clean it out. Swish it around in old tank water. Preferably do it while you're doing a water change. If that doesn't fix it, you may need to clean it a bit more thoroughly. If that's the case, take the filter pad, and lightly beat each side of the pad, on the side of the bucket.

Do this about ten times per side. This may dislodge anything that's not coming off. If you notice alot of brown slime on the outside of the filter pad, that's fine. That's partly due to your bacteria colony. If it's excessive, you can gently wipe some of it off. Most of your bacteria will be inside the padding anyway. Whatever you do, do not throw out the black pad that is after your filter pad.

That is the main housing for your bacteria. It's meant to be there so you CAN change your filter pad for a new one and not lose all of your bacteria, and start a new cycle. The design isn't very good, and the way the tube sits on its little ledge support, it's not a tight seal, and water tends to leak out. The orange arrow shows you where most of the Tetra PF10s tend to leak.

There is nothing you can do about this unfortunately. It's a poor design flaw.Forums New posts Trending Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. AC Forums. Tank Calculator. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. Support UI. X Donate Contact us. New posts. Search forums.

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MFK Member. Mar 27, 0 0 United States. I'm preparing to set up a 29g community tank for my sons room, and am going to go the HoB filter route, due to space limitations But I was wondering, I've been told about water flow, current, oxygenation, etc.

With a HoB, they're both usually next to each other How does that affect flow and oxygenation? I thought about figuring out how to extend the intake from the filter clamps and tubing perhaps?Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

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Quietest HOB Filters?

Forums Reviews Equipment Reviews Filters. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Aquaclear HOB Filters. I bought my first Aquaclear HOB hang on back power filter in It was a wonderful filter that lasted many years until it got damaged during transit in However, it was replaced with another newer model Aquaclear 60 HOB that had been going strong until when someone decided to drop it on the floor and break the case.

The early versions like my first one had 3 compartments that went from right to left. Each compartment was separated by a plastic screen with holes in to allow water to flow through.

hob filter water level

As the sponges clogged up the water would bypass the sponges and flow over the top of them. So they had to be kept clean or they didn't work as well. The newer models have done away with the dividers and have a mesh cage everything sits in. The side of this plastic cage helps direct incoming water to the bottom of the filter where it then flows upwards through various filter materials, before overflowing back into the tank.

The new model is a much better design and more effective in regards the filter media and water flow. The only drawback to the new design is when the filter sponges start to clog up. When they get really dirty, the entire cage with filter materials starts to lift up a bit.

If you see this then your filter needs a clean. The filter comes with a bag of ammonia absorbing granules, 1 sponge and a bag of carbon.

Optimizing Flow In Your Planted Aquarium - Filtration And More

I leave the carbon and ammonia absorbing granules in the box and just use 3 sponges. Adjustable flow. The motor is sealed in a plastic resin to prevent moisture getting onto the electrical circuits. The motor is very quiet, although there is some noise from water running back into the tank. However, this is helpful in aerating the aquarium water and can be reduced by having the aquarium water level higher so there is less noise from the water flowing back into the tank.

Coverglass also reduce the noise and evaporation. All HOB filters have this noise. Spare parts not normally needed and additional sponges or other filter media are readily available. Cons Hangs on the back, front or side of the tank and this can make it less attractive in a living area.

Coverglass will usually have to be modified or left open a small amount for the filter to fit due to it hanging on the back, side or front of the aquarium.I think Hydor Professional External Canister filter is the best filter for turtle tank.

If you want to know more about it, read the rest of the article. Filtration is one of the most important aspects of keeping a pet turtle. As turtles tend to be very messy animals, it is very hard to keep their habitat clean. All of these filters are reviewed and tested thoroughly.

Best HOB Filter Reviews (Top Picks) & Guide

Choosing a reliable filter is extremely important to ensure your turtle is growing in a healthy, clean environment. As there are thousands of types of filters in the market, one can easily get confused on which one to buy. Do you know what is the purpose of a filter?

The actual purpose of a filter is to clean the water and remove all the impurities from it. The impurities can be fish waste, oily films on the water, scum, debris etc. Here are the things to consider for choosing the best filter for turtle tank:. The first thing you need to look for is your budget. Filters come in a large price range. So, you need to choose one that falls within your price range and works efficiently.

Generally, the costlier a filter is, the better it performs. Though there are many types of filters available in the market, I think canister filters are the best for turtle tanks. Canister filters generally tend to cost a lot more than other types of filters. You can get a cheap one if you are on a tight budget. It is like an investment. The filter will pay itself off in the future. The power of your filter will depend on the size of your tank.

If you have a medium size tank, then a medium power canister filter will do the job. On the contrary, high-power filters are required for large turtle tanks. In most cases, turtle tank tends to be at least 30 to 40 gallons.

Tanks of this size need powerful canister filter. Durability is also a very important factor when choosing the best filter for turtle tank. No one wants a filter that will last only 2 months. So, always check the durability before you buy a filter. However, you can research beforehand on the internet and see what other customers have said about it.

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