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Continue at your own risk. John George Haigh was a murderer in the UK in the s who thought he could avoid getting caught if there were no bodies β€” so he dissolved his victims in baths of acid.

Unfortunately, there was still quite a bit of evidence to prove he killed six people, so he was executed. In JunePennsylvania high school principal Jay C. Smith murdered his coworker, Susan Reinert. Her body was found weeks later in her car. Her kids went missing too, but their bodies were never found.

Smith was believed to be conspiring with Reinert's boyfriend of the time to inherit Reinert's life insurance. She killed over young women with the help of four other people, and would bathe in the blood of virgins to stay young.

Police Officers Share Disappearance Cases That CREEPED Them Out (r/AskReddit)

Well, shit. In Novemberyear-old Junko Furuta was kidnapped by four boys and held hostage in one of their homes in Tokyo. After beating, raping, and torturing her for 44 days, the boys tossed her lifeless body into a giant drum filled with concrete. Just awful. Jerry Brudos abducted, bludgeoned, and murdered four women. He claimed that women's shoes were his "substitute for pornography," and used the severed foot of one of his victims to model shoes in his home.

Police also found severed breasts being used as paperweights in his home. So fucked up. Someone killed and dismembered at least 12 people in the s, and the killer was never found. Body parts were scattered all over Cleveland β€” the first parts found by kids playing in a field β€” and only two of the 12 victims were ever identified.

After learning of her husband's multiple affairs, Helle Crafts went missing in November A snowplow driver later told police he'd seen Crafts's husband using a woodchipper recently in the woods, and human remains were soon found that confirmed that her body had been frozen and then put through the chipper. This case supposedly was an inspiration for the movie Fargo.

Fritz Haarmann sexually assaulted, mutilated, dismembered, and murdered more than 24 boys between β€” in Germany. He was found guilty for the majority of the murders, and was sentenced to death by beheading in late She'd lure men to her farm, take out life insurance policies on them OR have them bring a bunch of money so they could "invest in her growing property"kill them, then feed them to her pigs.

She also killed most of her boyfriends, her two husbands, and both of her daughters. She was not fucking around. A year-old Swedish au pair disappeared outside a Boston nightclub at 3 a.In this day and age, committing the perfect crime is becoming increasingly difficult. With the advent of advanced forensic sciences, and with news being constantly disseminated via television and Internet, very few crimes produce more questions than answers.

This is why we are still mystified and intrigued by crimes that seem unsolvable, even in the age of surveillance cameras and DNA databases. However, these cases persist, stumping investigators and the general public alike. Whether they are decades-old cold cases or new incidents defying explanation, unsolved crimes make for some of the most perplexing and intriguing mysteries. Can you be the one to find a suitable resolution to any of these chilling incidents?

Intwo bodies β€” one adult male and one adult female β€” washed up along the San Juan River near a Navajo Reservation in Archuleta County, Colorado. Autopsies would prove that this Jane Doe had been strangled to death, and John Doe had been shot twice with a small caliber weapon.

Other than determining HOW these unfortunate souls met their end, authorities were left without answers. To this day, neither John nor Jane Doe of Archuleta County have been identified, and their killer has never been apprehended. Authorities have had few clues to go on in a case that has failed to produce any substantive leads.

After much analysis and deciphering, the note was eventually found to be the name and phone number of one Marilyn Cobianco, a resident of the nearby Farmington, New Mexico. The only clue found on John Doe was his t-shirt, which advertised a defunct brothel in Nevada. This clue failed to turn up any leads either. But the case took a creepier turn a few years after the unknown couple was interred in a grave for unidentified victims in Archuleta County.

While theories such as drug cartel killings have been presented, no substantive evidence of the identities of John and Jane Doe, nor who killed them and why, has ever been determined. He was also the first man in the history of the race to lead Le Tour from start to finish. One might imagine that such a successful athlete in what was, at the time, a major sport would live a decorated and long life after his racing days ended.

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You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. More From Thought Catalog. The Memetrix. Get our newsletter every Friday! You're in! Follow Thought Catalog. Post to Cancel.Today, one-third of all American murders go unsolved.

February On February 23,a man was checking his muskrat traps in the woods off Susquehanna Road in Fox Chase, Philadelphia, when he came upon a baby bassinet box with a dead body in it. Knowing that his muskrat traps were illegal, the man decided against reporting the body. Two days later, a college student named Frederick Benosis was spying on girls at the Good Shepherd School when he too came upon the body.

Benosis was also reluctant to notify the police, but a day later he nonetheless reached out to the authorities. Creative Commons The original poster with which the police tried to identify the body of the unknown victim in The boy was completely naked, and his hands and feet were wrinkled as if he had been submerged into water before he died. Furthermore, his esophagus contained a dark substance suggesting that he might have vomited shortly before he died, the cause of which appeared to be several blows to the head.

creepy cold cases reddit

Surprisingly, even though the case attracted significant media attention, no one ever came forward to identify the boy. However, progress was made in when a psychiatrist contacted the authorities with information regarding the case.

Creative Commons Forensic facial reconstruction showing what the boy may have looked like when alive. According to Mary, her mother had been bathing the boy when he suddenly threw up. Mary claimed that she accompanied her mother to Northeast Philadelphia woods where they wrapped the boy in a blanket, placed him in a box and left him there.

The investigators were convinced that Mary was telling the truth, even if she was mentally unstable. By Laura Martisiute. From "the boy in the box" to the mystery of roomthese stories about unsolved murder cases will creep into your brain and never leave. Share Tweet Email. Report a bad ad experience. Laura Martisiute. Laura is a freelance writer based in Tramore, Ireland. In her spare time, she likes to explore secret beaches, pet cats, and read.

Previous Post. You might also like.The internet loves certain things without question: dogsyodeling kids and memes. But perhaps the most cherished internet fodder are unsolved mysteries. Long after police and private investigators shelve cold cases, real-life murder cases live online for decades, meticulously pored over by Redditors and Facebook-moms alike.

On August 23,a train conductor called in an incident in Arkansas. Unable to stop in time, he had just run over what looked like the bodies of two young men tied to the tracks. The state medical examiner wrote that he believed the men, Don Henry and Kevin Iveshad smoked too much cannabis and had fallen asleep on the tracks. Because that explanation seems pretty unlikely, rumors swirled that the boys had stumbled on a drug drop and had been killed as a result.

The most bizarre part? He said he had been hired by a local politician to act as hired security for the drop and had witnessed Henry and Ives killed.

Nothing ever came of that claim, and online readers eventually just forgot about the bizarre YouTube video. The kidnapping and murder of year-old Kathy Hobbs is so odd that it was featured on an episode of the cult classic series Unsolved Mysteries.

In her teen years, she developed agoraphobia and refused to leave the house, but on her sixteenth birthday she believed the curse had been broken β€” or, so say her family and friends.

Just three months later, she was attacked coming home from buying a paperback novel and murdered with blunt force trauma to the head.

creepy cold cases reddit

Why was she able to predict a seemingly random act of violence? Ina school bus driver named Mary Gillispie started receiving anonymous, angry letters in the mail. Someone had found out about her affair with the school superintendent and wanted her to call it off. Later, her husband Ron received a letter of his own, and after a few weeks trying to ignore the threats, he told his children he was taking his gun to confront the letter writer and promptly drove his truck into a tree.

He was killed instantly. Years later, the letters began arriving again, though Mary had remarried the superintendent and had nothing left to hide. Lam, it appeared, had been pushed into the tank and locked inside. Inteenager Josh Maddux left the house where he lived with his dad to run an errand. He disappeared, and seven years later, his remains were found in the fetal position, stuffed into the chimney of a nearby historic cabin.

His body, devoid of wounds, showed no signs of a struggle. The strangest details were slowly released to the public in the following weeks. To make matters worse, an anonymous Reddit post later detailed a rumor that Maddux had been coerced by a friend who went on to become a serial killer.

Thomas β€” the strangest thing about her case is the fact that her parents seem apathetic, or mystical, even, when asked about their missing daughter by the press.

creepy cold cases reddit

InRussian amateur explorer and backpacker Igor Dyatlov led a group of friends β€” and one random man β€” into the snowy mountains. They were later found dead, their bodies strewn over the mountain. Their tents nearby had been torn apart from the inside, and Dyatlov and his buddies had apparently run from the safety of their campsite into the woods.

If you liked this article, you might like these similarly creepy-centric articles:. Emily Gaudette. The train conductor spotted the bodies but wasn't able to stop the train in time. Kathy's body was discovered 9 days after she went missing in the desert. The scene at the pass. Wikimedia Commons. Related Tags Internet Culture. Results for:.The rise in popularity of " true crime" might seem sort of unusual, but the Internet has always had an obsession with creepy unsolved crimes.

These cases usually invovle situations that are strange, eerie, or unexplained β€”and there's definitely nothing more unsettling than creepy unsolved mysteries. The cases you hear about, from unsolved disappearances to creepy true stories, only make up a fraction of the crimes that are being reported. While not all the stories become tabloid news, the victims are just as deserving of the same national attention and outcry.

And like most mysteries, they'll leave you with more questions than answers. Below, 11 cold cases that are simply chilling. Ina Canadian student went missing while traveling in California. She was traveling alone and had scheduled to check out of her hotel on Jan. After about a week of searching, the police released a disturbing video that showed Elisa's last known sighting. The elevator surveillance footage showed Elisa acting strangely, and as the video went viral, many people had several theories for her behavior, from mental illness to paranormal forces.

Meanwhile, guests at the hotel started complaining about "black" and foul-smelling water. Hotel staff checked the roof water tank where Elisa's body was found. Investigators said the cause of death was drowning. As for why or how Elisa got into the water tank remains a mystery. InShannen, an escort, went missing after visiting a client on Long Island. She was accompanied by a driver, who was supposed to take her back home to Jersey City after her job was over.

However, at around 3 a. She ran to a neighbor's house who let her in. However, once the neighbor said he was going to call the police, she got scared and ran out of the house. She banged on one more neighbor's door before she gave up and fled out into the night where she disappeared. About a year later, her body was found in a marsh about a half mile from where she disappeared. Police said the cause of death was an accidental drowning, but her family didn't believe it.

Soon after her body was discovered, ten more bodies were found in the same area. In another strange turn of events, Shannen's mother, was stabbed to death in Julywith police charging Shannen's sister, Sarra, for murder.

Honestly, the whole case is long and bizarre. This pregnant mom and her five-year-old son went missing in Maythe same year Laci Peterson went missing. However, although their cases are very similar, Evelyn's case was barely covered in the media. A month after going missing, her decomposed torso was found floating in the San Francisco bay. Her baby who was almost full term and her five-year-old son were nowhere to be found.

Police aggressively questioned her ex-boyfriend, but eventually ruled him out as a suspect. Her case is still open. Inthe year-old disappeared while working on the Disney cruise ship Disney Wonder. The last known sighting was a surveillance video of Rebecca on the phone looking visibly distraught as she hung up and walked away. After the crew searched the whole boat, they then suspected she had fallen overboard.

Scary Mysteries Cleverly Solved by Reddit

However, a coast guard searched the waters around the boat and found nothing. In the end, the Disney crew came up with the theory that she was knocked from the boat and thrown into the water from a large wave, however Rebecca's family didn't believe this theory.According to the Wall Street Journal an astounding 8-million children go missing around the world each year. In the US alone overchildren go missing annually. That figure is probably underestimated due to the children that go missing and are unreported.

There are non-family abductions, runaways, family abductions, and involuntary events such as accidents or vehicle crashes, causing injury, and the person is unable to notify family or friends of their whereabouts. A missing child is a person defined under the age of Countries around the world have systems in place that don't require a specific amount of time before they can be put into action to expedite finding the lost child.

People over the age of 18 are often required to be missing a certain amount of hours or days before a missing persons report can be filed and authorities are notified to start looking for the missing person. This can be extremely frustrating for loved ones as crucial minutes tick by before they can receive help. Adults that go missing oftentimes do so willingly for either personal or financial reasons. Over the course of history, children and adults have gone missing under some very scary circumstances.

Here are 15 of the scariest unsolved missing person cases. Inyear-old Amy Lynn Bradley went missing while on a Caribbean cruise. Her father last saw her asleep on the stateroom's balcony around 5am. When he got up at 6am she had disappeared. The ship was searched from top to bottom. Nothing turned up. Investigators do not believe she fell overboard or committed suicide.

Ina member of the U. He said she asked for help, but before he could ask questions, she was quickly whisked upstairs. He held onto this information and didn't tell the authorities for several months. By the time he came forward and police were sent to the location, the brothel was no longer there. InAmy's parents revealed a photo they received on the Dr. Phil Show. It showed a woman that resembled Amy dressed in trashy lingerie posing on a bed.

She looked disheveled and possibly drugged.

Her parents said they believe Amy might have been kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. Harold Holt was the 17th Prime Minister of Australia. Harold was a very experienced swimmer and diver.

He was well-known for his endurance and athleticism. On December 17th,while out relaxing and swimming with his family and friends at Cheviot Beach, Harold disappeared.

One of Australia's largest rescue operations was launched but no sign of Harold was found. There are many that suspect foul play, while others believe he either succumbed to the elements or had a medical emergency of some kind. Harold was presumed dead and a new Prime Minister was sworn in.

Harold left behind a wife, Zara, and three kids. Ironically, a swimming complex was named in his honor as he was an avid swimmer. She was never seen from again. The only evidence found was her cracked Walkman case--it was found along the side of the road. Witnesses said they saw a van following close behind her, but other than that investigators turned up nothing.When it comes to missing people, a few names comes to mind. USA Today says there are about 90, people missing at any one time just in the U.

And while there have been clues to some of their whereabouts, their disappearances still remain a mystery. Here are the strange missing person cases that were never solved, with one in particular containing a startling photograph. Her family is still hopeful for her return. Police reports show there was a sign of a struggle near where her car was parked.

Insix years after her disappearance, the courts declared Jodi dead after never solving the case. Next: This cold case of a missing child has baffled investigators for 17 years.

It was the winter of when 9-year-old Asha Degree disappeared. Her family called authorities the next morning just two and a half hours after she left, but she was never heard from again. Today, investigators believe there are people still in the area that know more than they let on. And other details have been uncovered over the years, such as tips saying Asha got into a vehicle off of the highway. Either way, the case remains unsolved. Rebecca Coriam might have committed suicide. Twenty-four-year-old Rebecca Coriam was working on a Disney cruise ship when she disappeared in Disney claims Rebecca was swept off the ship by a large wave, but more recently, her girlfriend aboard the ship says its likely Rebecca jumped off herself.

Tracie Medley was the last one to see Rebecca aboard and claims the young woman was deeply troubled and taking drugs at the time.

As for what really happened, we may never know. The three young girls were never found. The girls disappeared without a trace, but a day later, a note in the mail was sent to the Trlica household. Of course, they were never heard from again.

And the car the girls were in was left in the parking lot of the mall. This one is still a big mystery. Dennis wandered off, and his father noticed his son was nowhere in sight just a few minutes later. Despite looking all over the area and eventually gathering a huge search party, Dennis was never found. Next: This missing student entered a bar β€” but seemingly never left. As Fox 8 reportsthe disappearance of Brian Shaffer might be one of the strangest yet.

Inthis med student spent his first day of spring break on a bar crawl with his friends. And security footage shows Brian entering the Saloon, but never leaving. Next: Five children went missing during a house fire in this bizarre case. Five children from the Sodder Family were never found.

As Smithsonian. They were able to get four of the kids out, but the other five were seemingly left behind in the smoke. Something odd happened after, however, once the blaze was put out.

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