Bjj tournaments 2020 near me

May Nashville Challenge. May Rhode Island Classic. May Duel at Delaware. June 6: MD Summer Classic. June New England Open. June Gatlinburg Invitational. July Philly Challenge. July NY Summer Classic. August 1: Vermont Summer Classic. If you do not get 2 matches in your bracket you must notify the GF staff and ask for a 2nd match.

If you fail to ask at the tournament you forfeit your 2nd match guarantee. If injured before the tournament you must send us an email by pm, the Thurs before the tournament letting us know you're injured and need to pull out. A credit card processing fee is deducted from the refund total. This guarantee is NOT applicable to injuries sustained at the tournament. How We're Different!

We Get You We know that part of the reason you compete is to make memories and enjoy the experience. We have 22 Years Experience Our owner has been in the martial arts industry since He started training jiu-jistu in and started The Good Fight in Two decades of experience in the jiu-jitsu industry has taught us some things.

And for us, a jiu-jitsu tournament is much more than just a transaction — we love being a part of helping you build your resume and grow in your journey. Our friendly, personable staff is here to help you have a frustration-free tournament experience. Our rules are very simple and straight forward. You'll also find the uniqueness of our sub-only format brings a more relaxed tournament atmosphere. You'll get to meet and socialize with others within the jiu-jitsu community.

From our Early-Bird pre-registration, to our team, military, college and family discounts. We are interested in offering you many opportunities to save money.

bjj tournaments 2020 near me

Plus, with our 2 match per division guarantee you don't have to worry about paying for only 1 match. We Value Child Safety. Our submission only format and rule-set is safe for children to compete in. Our tournament atmosphere is much more relaxed so this certainly helps. But, more importantly our referees are trained to keep safety as a very high priority.

You'll enjoy a clean, safe and professional tournament experience.That causes all the highest level grapplers to compete at what is often the tournament with the highest number of competitors in a given year. What are the beet upcoming grappling tournaments we have to wait for in ?

And it is not just enough to offer a cash prize, there has to be an entrainment factor as well for people to watch. A lot of the submission only professional tournaments have got this down, and I see as the year when Pro Jiu-Jitsu will bloom more than ever. A decade ago, the only way to watch a tournament was to be a part of one. IN fac,t only trying to follow the highest level professional grappling tournaments is still a very daunting task.

bjj tournaments 2020 near me

That said, I personally really enjoy the variety and choice we have nowadays. The truth of the matter is, today we not only have the option to take our pick of the best grappling tournaments to watch, but we need to do it. Which of these grappling tournaments will be able to step up and claim the title of the best tournament for ? With all the possibilities out there, what area the Grappling tournaments that are most worth your time? Well, apart from looking at ht the cards your chosen method of viewing is huge.

All you need to know is the date and time, and preferably, the card. To that extent, there are some crazy matchups coming our way in that are promising to be absolute fireworks! Kasai Pro 7 takes place in Dallas Texas on February 1st. This time around, it is their World Heavyweight Championship, which, on its own is a guarantee for entertainment. On the same card, apart from the heavyweight tournament, there are also three super fights to look forward to.

Fight2Win is probably the biggest professional Jiu-Jitsu tournament out there. The full event card is still not announced to the public. Pessanha is a fresh black belt, but that might just be the perfect storm when it comes to upsetting 4-time ADCC champion Gabi Garcia. With such an electric main event, one wonders who else is going to b on this card. It takes place on January 24th, in Los Angeles.

Submission underground started off really strong and was among the first SUbmission only No-Gi grappling tournaments out there. It did have a period of a decline, before founding Chael SOnen decided to amend the rules. Introducing tag team grappling is certainly an original way to promote a sub-only grappling tournament. As per the latest news, Samantha Bonilla and Danielle Perry will also grapple it out inside the cage. The Europeans are underway currently, but you can still watch them via live streams daily.

The Worlds in both Gi and No-Giare coming up fast spring and winter respectivelyas well as the ever-entertaining Pans, to name just a few worth watching. Or participating in, depending on your choice. Nick Rodriguez is exciting against just about anyone, and he is still just a blue belt!

That said, with several subsequent super fights Nick proved yeat against that he Danaher method of developing BJJ killers works like a charm.A password reset email has been sent to the email address on file for your account, but may take several minutes to show up in your inbox. Please wait at least 10 minutes before attempting another reset. Lost your password?

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First Name. Last Name. Please enter your email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Email address. Registering for this site allows you to access your order status and history. We will only ask you for information necessary to make the purchase process faster and easier. Find out more.

For Those Who Roll

The worlds most complete Jiu-Jitsu Tournament list now updated for Most BJJ tournaments for have yet to be scheduled so we will be updating this list on a monthly basis. Plan for your next tournament with the Jiu-Jitsu Planner. Sign in close. We've sent you an email with a link to update your password. No account yet? Create an Account Login. Shopping cart close. No products in the cart. Thomas Rd.

State College Blvd. Adults Normal Registration Grapplingx hotmail. Male, Female Normal Registration Production t2fsports. March 7 Kids division: We are working on a new bracketing system that will provide kids with more matches. Our brackets are designed to provide 2 or more matches for willing participants in their divisions. When brackets have 2 competitors, they will compete in a best 2 out of 3 to determine the champion. For brackets of 3 competitors, they will compete in a true round robin and the champion will be determined by the number and types of wins.

For brackets of 4 or more competitors, there will be 2 or more matches for each competitor. No more 1 and done! Adults division: Single elimination. At each BJJ Tour event we rank the top schools based upon the number of students and number of wins in that specific tournament. We are also creating a ranking system of individuals and schools for historical purposes. Showcase your school, increase your student sign-ups, and build your academy by competing in the BJJ Tour! Brought to you by the promoters of the US Open.

The tournament will be held at the Kissimmee Civic Center. Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in each division. Every registered competitor will receive a complimentary tournament t-shirt. Also, all registered kids competitors will receive a medal.


Any Kid Competitor without valid identification will be disqualified and will not compete. No refunds. Any Adult, Master or Juvenile Competitor without valid identification will be disqualified and will not compete. All rights reserved. Designed by CopacabanaUSA. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube. The tournament has easy access from airports in Orlando and Tampa.

All Age Divisions from Kids — Masters, and all belt ranks are welcome to compete. Register today! Registration now open! Register Now! Join Our Newsletter.Find a jiu-jitsu tournament near you! Know a tournament that isn't listed?

Contact us and we'll add it! Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Gracie Barra North American Championship. Grappling Industries Milwaukee. Grappling Industries Tucson. Grappling Industries Philadelphia. Grappling Industries Manhattan. Grappling Industries Twin Cities. Grappling Industries San Diego.

Grappling Industries Melbourne. Grappling Industries Salt Lake City. Grappling Industries Indianapolis. Grappling Industries Pittsburgh. Grappling Industries Amsterdam. Grappling Industries Kansas City. Grappling Industries New Hampshire. Grappling Industries Columbus. Grappling Industries Arkansas. Grappling Industries New Jersey. Grappling Industries Jacksonville.Tournaments are open to anyone who wants to compete! Beautiful custom medals. Participation dog tags for children who do not place.

Modified double-elimination guarantees at least two matches per division. Professional photography at each event. Our registration closes early so brackets can be viewed days beforehand.

2019 SPYDER INVITATIONAL BJJ CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL -100kg Final : qub.tradeoffsmanix.pwli vs

Know your match times and which mat you'll be on before the tournament starts; follow along with brackets live! Everything is updated in real-time. Free bottled water for all competitors. Full refunds if we do not have another competitor in your division and team mates don't count as opponentsand you will be notified by the Thursday before the tournament. This may be due to injury from a previous division, not showing up to the tournament, having to leave early, etc.

Click for full. Compete on stage - submission only! Compete on a HUGE 32xfoot stage. No points, no advantages If time runs out and there is no submission, judges vote for the winner of the match. Professional photography and video of the whole event. More Pro Events to be announced soon Click for full event calendar Grappling Games Nashville, TN. March 7, Grappling Games Chicago, IL. February 15, Click for past tournament results Gi and No-Gi divisions for Men, Women, Masters, Seniors, Teens, and Kids Beautiful custom medals Participation dog tags for children who do not place Modified double-elimination guarantees at least two matches per division Professional photography at each event Our registration closes early so brackets can be viewed days beforehand Know your match times and which mat you'll be on before the tournament starts; follow along with brackets live!

Photo Dec 11, 10 53 Pro Application. Houston, TX. Oak Lawn, IL. More Info.That means if you compete in both Gi and NoGi, you could get 8 plus fights. This allows you to compete against so many different people, giving you the experience you deserve! All Grappling Industries matches follow a points structure but without advantages! We are also very legal submission friendly! We encourage everyone to login by the last day of registration and check their details along with the competitor lists, and not wait until the brackets are published and locked in to confirm such details.

You can make these changes by logging into your account and modifying your registration details.

bjj tournaments 2020 near me

After this change deadline, the registration will become locked in, and there will no further changes allowed. Competitors who are alone in their division should choose to either self-move themselves up a division or cancel their registration for a full credit. All athletes who remain solo in their divisions once brackets are released means had no default merges available to them, and therefore there are no matches available for that competitor.

They will receive a full coupon credit for entry to any future event of ours. From the early bird date to the change deadline, only full coupon credits will be issued for future events.

After change deadline, there will be no refunds or future credits issued. Refunds and Credits can be gotten by logging into your account and cancelling your event registration.

For Those Who Roll

Competitors whose opponents no showed their division leaving them without a match on event day will receive a full coupon credit.

You will be able to locate both on the event page brackets and schedule tab. Please be at the mat on time for your matches. We ask that you make sure to be present in the venue at least 60 minutes prior your division start time as well in case we are able to get head starts on certain division. You do not have to weigh-in with your gi on.

You only need to weigh-in once if competing in several divisions. You must weigh-in anytime from the event opening until 60 minutes before your scheduled division start time. You must have officially weighed in by this hour before your division time and have made the weight, or else you will be disqualified and removed from the bracket. This gives every team a chance to get a practitioner of theirs who has never competed before the opportunity to get out there and get their feet wet without paying a fee.

Gym coaches or owners must email GrapplingIndustries gmail. The only other people allowed within the barricades during the tournament are the competitors on the mat having their match and the competitors on deck. We have reached deals with several national companies specialized in event medical services that we can trust with the safety of our competitors whether they need ice, get injured, or need advice on previous injuries. In cases which events reach close to or full capacity, we could be restricted from having the floor space to create a warm up area for our competitors.

We will have a TV at the medal podium displaying the live team standings as they transpire throughout the event! The winning overall team at will receive the largest Gold medal and ribbon in BJJ! This medal is perfect for your team pictures and can easily be mounted on your academy wall. We wanted winning teams to have something very special from us and this is something very special that will stand out at your gym as a great memory of the success you had at Grappling Industries.

Competitor rankings are categorized by genders, ages, weights, and belt or experience. Team rankings are categorized by team points and medal count.

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